About Us

About Us

Perfect Lifes Sdn Bhd is a technology-based, state of the art producer and environmental friendly company specializing in the production, packaging and marketing of innovative biochemical, air/water/food sterilizer products.

Our Goal

Our goal is to introduce new, innovative technologies and cost effective products to the market that specifically benefits the environment and the lives of everyday people. We are focused on innovative technology designed to significantly enhance performance of medical, dermatological, veterinary and home care products. We market worldwide a wide diversity of consumer and professional public health products to target consumer markets and business environments. In the range of public health, consumer personal hygiene products, pet animal care products, agriculture,and water treatment etc. We believe that Perfect ShieldTM Products is the solutions to daily human lifes as it protects and shield away many bacteria, viruses and infections commonly found in the environment.

Our Corporate Vision

  • Establish strategic relationships and attract alliances to research, develop and collaborate in product investigations to expand market share, and increase sales volumes for newly developed technologies.
  • Introduce newly developed technologies designed to create or enhance formulated products for existing and new customers for a variety of governmental, institutional, commercial, home and personal care applications.
  • Increase exposure and capitalize on related sales opportunities of our technology and manufacturing capabilities to governmental, medical, veterinary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic clients.
  • Expand our distribution network across the Region.
  • Maximize shareholder value.