Car Anion

SKU: Car Anion
  • Removes smoke dust, odour and refresh the air
  • Has negative ion and ozone function
  • Adopts negative ion technology: it extremely purifies the air and removes toxic.
  • Substances including the dust and odors mold.
  • Broad spectrum and efficient ozone: ozone may kill virus, and will be deoxidized into oxygen in the end without secondary pollution, which the chemical agents can not achieve.
  • Effective prevention of air-conditioning diseases: negative ions may improve metabolism.
  • It maintains a fresh air, relieves fatigue and effectively.
  • Compliance to FDA requirement and WHO organization.
  • Remove odour, cigarette smell and others by introducing O3.
  • Generates millions of Negative lons.
  • Pocket size easy to plug into cigarette lighter.
  • Smooth external cover for easy handling.
  • Light with neon function detected.
  • Silent

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