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Cimex Eradicator

Cimex Eradicator

Cimex Eradicator is the technological and ecological solution for the elimination of bedbugs.
The laboratory and field tests show that the flow of overheated steam, generated by Cimex Eradicator, is able to eliminate 100% of the eggs and a very high proportion of the mobile insects with a single treatment.

  • No contact with surfaces
  • It removes badbugs bad smell
  • Safety Cap-exclusive Polti patent.
  • Steam nozzle with worldwide Polti patented controlled expansion chamber up to 180° C overheated dry steam outflow.
  • Connection for HPMed sanitizing solution single-use bottle placed under the steam nozzle.
  • Integrated spacer/stand.
  • Ergonomic handle with soft-touch insert.
  • Steam release button with safety lock device.
System  Pressurized boiler
Max pressure  4 bar 
Pressure switch Yes
Pressure gauge Yes
Steam output  Up to 110 g/min 
Steam adjustment Continuous
Boiler material  Stainless steel
Boiler volume  2,9 l 
Use capacity  2 l
Steam ready indicator  Yes 
Low water level indicator  Yes, acoustic
Vacuum function No
Parking system No
Boiler power 1500W
Nozzle power 750W
Max power 2250W
Dimensions (WxDxH)  36 x 42 cm
Weight  4,9 kg 
100% Effective
A single treatment is able to eliminate all the eggs present and a very high proportion of the adult insects and larval stages.
Overheated dry steam up to 180° C
The flow of steam at 180° C is able to eliminate the adult insects, the larval stages and the eggs because it causes their thermal shock.
Without using chemicals
The superheated dry steam can even be delivered in the presence of people.

In this situation of global health alert, we want to draw your attention to the method of steam cleanliness and disinfection of Polti as valid and proven integrative solution to kill and eliminate viruses - including Coronaviruses – from surfaces and fabrics and thus help to reduce the risk of getting infections.

Steam is an extraordinary natural element that has numerous advantages of use. Its effectiveness has been proven by Polti with tests conducted by independent laboratories both in Italy and abroad: steam kills and eliminates up to 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria. 

Suitable for any washable surface, it reaches everywhere even in hard-to-reach spaces and respects the environment because no chemical disinfectants are needed.

Professional appliance for sanitizing and steam disinfestation effective against viruses and able of eliminating bed bugs resolutely without the use of insecticides. The dry, superheated saturated steam (up to 180°C), generated inside the dispenser (Polti patent) and mixed with the HPMed detergent, kills up to 99.999%5 of viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi and spores and for thermal shock 100% of the eggs and 90% of the adult bed bugs at the first passage.

  1. Tests carried out by third party and independent laboratories attest that Polti Cimex Eradicator kills up to 99.999% of viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi and spores.
  2. Tests carried out by third party and independent laboratories attest that Polti Cimex Eradicator kills 100% of the eggs and 90% of the adult bed bugs already at the first passage.

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