Air Atomizer

Air atomizer can be used to remove pollen, micro particles, smoke, pet, cooking, and household odors from the air. Instead of using expensive filters, this amazing device pulls air through water, cleaning and revitalizing the air you breathe. Using water as its filter, it is economical and extremely easy to clean.

  • Ionize, purify and humidify your surrounding air.
  • Enjoy refreshing natural aromas scents.
  • Effectively reduce dust & pollution.
  • Reduce unpleasant odours & cigarette smoke.
  • Built-in ion generator 3 x 10⁶ ions/cm².
  • LED changing spectrum 7 colours.
  • USB plug low voltage.
  • Stylish Blade-less Design.

  • Removes dust, odors and indoor air contaminations
  • Refreshes the room with therapeutic refreshing aromas
  • Disinfects and deodorizes the surrounding area
  • DC motor consumes only 5 Watts of energy, making it the most eco-friendly product on the world market.
  • Utilizes water as a medium to clean, humidify and deodorize the surrounding air
  • The LED light and whirlpool of swirling water helps to create the ultimate tranquility for your environment

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