Steam & Walk

A true “backpack cleaner” which is easy and convenient to wear, combining the disinfecting power of steam with the action of the Microfibre cloth on the Steam Mop connected to it.

  • Padded tie-up, isolated from the boiler
  • Zinced stainless steel reinforced and lighter frame
  • Lift-up handle on the upper side
  • Removable power supply cable
  • The cap is fastened with a string, avoiding any loss
  • IPX4 Protection
  • Anodized aluminium telescopic tube (Minimum height : 135 cm. Maixmum height 195 cm)
  • Nylon steam duct
  • Flexo joint
  • Anodized aluminium plate with inserts for blocking the cloths
  • Small steam chamber with 16 holes
  • Double button for steam release (steam is released when the brush is pressed upon the surface)
  • Brush block for cleaning vertical surfaces or ceilings
System Continuous refill
Max pressure 5 bar
Steam temperature 150°
Pressure switch Yes
Pressure gauge No
Steam output Up to 75 g/min
Steam adjustment No
Boiler material Special Extra AlP aluminium alloy
Boiler volume 1,5 l
Use capacity Unlimited
Water tank capacity 0,7 l
Steam ready indicator Yes
Low water level indicator No
Steam hose length 2 m
Electric cable length 10 m
Boiler power 1100 W
Max power 1100 W
Dimensions (WxDxH) 29 x 46 x 21 cm
Weight 6,5 kg
Steam Release
Double button for steam release when the brush is pressed upon the surface.