Polti Sani System Kit

  • Sanitiser kit for Mondial Vap appliances. Specifically designed to be connected with Mondial Vap steam cleaners (models 4500, 6000, 7000 inox and 8000) for the reduction of the bacterial, fungal and viral load from surfaces and fabrics.
  • Steam nozzle with worldwide Polti patented controlled expansion chamber to achieve a high temperature steam outflow.
  • Up to 180° C dry overheated steam outflow
  • Connection for the disposable bottle of HPMED sanitising solution placed under steam nozzle.
  • Connection plug with anti-wrenching device.
  • Comes with HPMed, accessories and case.
Steam hose length 2,5 m 
Nozzle power 1500 W 
Dry overheated steam
Sani System kit is equipped with a patanted system which can generate overheated dry steam up to 180°, the only kind of steam for sanitizing.