Mondial Vap 4500

  • A perfect combination of power and compact size
  • AISI 304 stainless steel frame
  • Functions: stea, vacuum , injection/extraction, hot/cold wash with detergent
  • Eco-Active Plus water filter with EPA E12 washable filter
  • Removable and easy to clean dirt collection tank
  • Side tanks with emptying hoses
  • Anti-wrenching device
  • Removable accessories side pockets
  • Lifting handle
  • 75 mm anti-trace castors
  • Parking System
  • The appliance can be connected to Sani System Kit
System Continuous refill
Max pressure 6 bar
Steam temperature 160°
Pressure switch Yes
Pressure gauge Yes
Steam output Up to 125 g/min
Steam adjustment Yes, on 3 levels
Boiler material AISI 304 stainless steel
Boiler volume 2 l
Use capacity Unlimited
Water tank capacity 4 l
Steam ready indicator Yes
Low water level indicator Yes
Vacuum function Yes
Suction capacity 23 kPa
Suction adjustment No
Filtration Eco-Active Plus water filter and washable EPA E12 filter
Dirt collection tank capacity 4 l
Wash function Yes, with detergent
Detergent tank capacity 4 l
Parking System Yes
Steam hose length 5 m
Electric cable length 10 m
Boiler power 1250 + 750 W
Motor power 1350 W
Max power 2700 W
Dimensions (WxDxH) 53,9 x 72 x 96,2 cm
Weight 26,3 kg
Product code PVEU0062
Pressure gauge
The operating pressure of Mondial Vap 4500 is always under control thanks to the pressure gauge on the control panel.
Cold handle
The handle never gets hot during use because the steam hose is not in direct contact with the user's hand.
75 mm swiveling castors
The 75 mm anti-trace castors give the machine great movement ease without marks on floors.
Big handle with accessory trays
For carrying small objects and documents.
Lifting handle
Solid and balanced.
The appliance can be connected to Sani System Kit
It is possible to connect Sani System kit for sanitising surfaces and fabrics and reducing the bacterial, fungal and viral load.