Forever Exclusive

  • Anti-limescale and anti-corrosion Extra AlP aluminium alloy boiler
  • Continuous refill boiler
  • Max pressure 4,5 BAR
  • Three castors for an easy transport and great stability
  • Comfort handle
System  Continuous refill
Max pressure  4,5 bar 
Pressure switch Yes
Pressure gauge No
Steam output  Up to 120 g/min 
Boiler material  Special Extra AIP aluminium alloy
Boiler volume  0,75 l 
Use capacity  Unlimited
Steam adjustment  Yes, on 5 levels
Steam ready indicator  Yes 
Low water level indicator  Yes
Vacuum function No
Parking system Yes
Boiler power  1150W 
Max power  1900W when connecting the accessory iron
Dimensions (WxDxH)  31 x 44,5 x 30,5 cm
Weight  6kg 
Automatic cable winder
Once the work has been completed, the automatic cord winder will make Vaporetto power cord disappear in an instant.
Continuous refill
Non-stop refilling so you don't need to interrupt your work.
Accessory Compartment
Quick access practical compartment for storing accessories.
Parking system
It's easy to take a quick break, simply hook the steam tube in the lower holster to keep it in perfect balance.
This model can be connected to Steam Disinfector
It is possible to connect Steam Disinfector accessory for sanitising surfaces and fabrics and reducing the bacterial, fungal and viral load.