Steam Disinfector for Vaporetto

For connection to Vaporetto for reducing bacterial, fungal and viral loads from surfaces.

Steam Disinfector will not work with other steam cleaner brands.

Steam Disinfector must be connected to Vaporetto or Lecoaspira models with a removable monoblock connection.

  • Steam nozzle with worldwide Polti patented controller expansion chamber to achieve a high temperature steam outflow
  • 180°C overheated dry steam outflow
  • Connection for HPMed single-use bottle placed under the steam nozzle.
  • Spacer integrated in the handle
  • Ergonomic handle with soft-touch inserts
  • Steam release button with safety device
  • Comes with HPMed, accessories and case
Steam nozzle power 750W 
Flex hose length2,5 m 
Surface sanitiser
Steam Disinfector completes the cleaning process by sanitising surfaces.
Dry overheated steam
Steam Disinfector has a controlled expnasion heat exchange device which overheats steam generated in the Vaporetto or Lecoaspira boiler to a temperature up to 180°C.