Aroma Line

A blend fo Arabica and Robusta. For coffee drinkers who enjoy a harmonious flavour and firm, long-lasting crema.

Top quality Arabica. The blend is made spicier by a touch of Robusta. Its strong aroma gives way to a strong, harmonious aftertaste.

100% full-bodied Arabica. For coffee drinkers who appreciate a sweet flavour with a slightly tart aftertaste. The perfect balance of flavour, aroma and body.

Decaffeinated by a natural process that leaves the coffee's sensory qualities unaltered, this blend combines various Arabica coffees fron Central America and Africa.
AromaPolti's coffee is 100% coffee, gluten and sugar-free. The real Italian espresso. In a capsule.
Modified atmosphere
AromaPolti created a carefully controlled gas mixture, mainly based on nitrogen, in order to satify the best coffee preservation criterias.
Single and two doses
Available in 2 packaging options: 50 single dose packs (1 capsule or 50 two doses packs (2 capsules)