Gourmet Line

A selection of precious single origin coffees from different areas all over the world; finally true connoisseurs, lovers and also curious ones, will have a chance to taste the best gourmet coffees sitting comfortably at home.

Unlike common blends, single origin coffee comes entirely from a single plantation.
Territory and climate conditions, as well as testing and selection activity, grat the plantation unique features.

Blends tend to soften and standardize flavours, while single origin coffee exalts differences and let you appreciate every single taste and flavour.
AromaPolti's coffee is 100% coffee, gluten and sugar-free. The real Italian espresso. In a capsule.
Modified atmosphere
AromaPolti created a carefully controlled gas mixture, mainly based on nitrogen, in order to satify the best coffee preservation criterias.
100% Single origin
Every capsule in Gourmet Line contains only 100% single origin coffe from a single extremely selected plantation.