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Digestive Herbal tea
An herbal tea with a fresh, harmonious note. An ingenious combination of mint and pure liquorice with the properties of camomile gives this herbal tea digestive properties, making it perfect for dirnking after meals or in presence of digestive problems.

Purifying Herbal Tea
Violet, strawberry and camomile with dandelion and nettle: the perfect blend for purifying the organism.

Relaxing Herbal tea
To help you relax and prepare for a good night's sleep, this herbal tea offers the benfits of passion-flower and camomile with the properties of lemon balm and hawthorn.

Slimming Herbal Tea
Intense and fragrant, slimming herbal tea is a balanced, harmonious blend of herbs.

Anti-oxidant Herbal tea
Rosemary, lemon balm and mint, the fresh sensation of lemon, the properties of sage, the benefits of thyme and marjoram for a moment of eternal youth.