HP007 Professional Degreasing Formula

  • A universal cleaner, highly effective against greasy dirt of animal, mineral and vegetable origin. HP0007 not only dislodges dirt, it breaks it down at the molecular level. This is why it cleans so thoroughly and its cleansing and degreasing power prevents dirt from adhering to surfaces, keeping things clean between washes.
  • HP007 contains no scents or deodorants : it doesn't cover up odours, but absorbs and neutralises them : perfect for places where foul odours are likely to accumulate. Spray HP007 into rooms to neutralise the effects of odour-causing molecules.
  • It degreases and cleans all washable surfaces, such as floors, home appliances, shelves, work surfaces, tools, tables, kitchen cabinets and all surfaces made of plastic, formica, steel, metal, ceramic, marble and granite.