• HPMed's characteristics make it the ideal complement to “Sani System Polti” for sanitising any surfaces.
  • The over-heated steam of “Sani System Polti” becomes the ideal means for carrying the temperature and the HPMED sanitising agent, which is able in this way to reach even the least accessible nooks.
  • While it sanitises, it also eliminates smells.
  • The mixture of steam and HPMed can be released in the presence of people.
  • HpMed was subjected to skin tests.
  • Each box contains 12 single-use 50ml bottles.
Manufacturer: Polti S.p.a.
Via Ferloni, 83 – 22070 Bulgarograsso (CO)
Tel +39 031-939111 Fax +39 031-890513
Brand: HPMed
Product: Detergent for hard surfaces
Ingredients:Contains <5% non-ionic surfactants.
Other ingredients: Water, Ethyl alcohol, Sodium metasilicate, Sodium carbonate, Alcohol ethoxylate undecyl-9 (Reg. CE 648/2004). It does not contain phosphorus or phosphorus compounds.