Ironing Tools & Accessories

Vaporella was created more than 30 years ago from the wonderful idea of introducing professional ironing into the home.

With Vaporella a new market was born: success was immediate and year after year, Vaporella has won over consumers throughout the world, offering everybody the chance to make ironing easy and obtain professional results.

The secret to professional results lies in the steam quality, at the right temperature and powerful, capable of passing rapidly through the fibres in the fabric and obtaining excellent results right away.

Results worthy of a professional. Effortless and in no time at all.

The Original Professional Iron

Professionals such as dry cleaners or fashion retailers have been using professional irons like Vaporella for a long time. This is because it is the only way to achieve perfect results, saving time and effort.

Reasons are as follows:

    Vaporella plates have numerous holes concentrated at the tip of the plate. This permits higher steam pressure so that the steam comes out dry and powerful. It’s the pressure of the steam that irons the fabrics. And the large remaining part of the plate makes the effects of ironing permanent and dries fabrics. This is why YOU ONLY HAVE TO PASS OVER MATERIAL ONCE WITH VAPORELLA for perfect results.
    Aluminium is the best conductor of heat (9 times better than steel).It reaches a higher temperature in less time and distributes the heat evenly. Result: DRIER STEAM AND SAVINGS ON ELECTRICITY.
    Cork is an absorbent material which prevents excessive moisture in your hands whilst ironing.

The Quality of Steam

With Polti technology, everyone can count on top quality steam and therefore quick, precise, better ironing. A steam:

  • At the right temperature: neither too dry, as this would spoil fabrics, or too damp, which would wet them.
  • At high pressure: capable of passing rapidly through the fibres in the fabric and obtaining excellent results right away.
  • Powerful: to iron multiple layers of fabric at the same time, for quick, easy ironing of sheets, towels, trousers, etc and offering the benefits of vertical ironing (jackets, coats, curtains, etc)
  • Constant and at regular pressure levels for outstanding results every time.
  • Concentrated at the tip of the plate and capable of rapidly impregnating fibres. The back of the plate then dries the fabric and fixes the ironing.
  • That may be adjusted, between 0 and 150 g/min to adapt to fabrics of all kinds, from the thickest to the most delicate.
  • An infinite amount of steam, thanks to the auto-refill feature of the Forever models, for unlimited operating autonomy.

Polti's Guarantees

  • Confident of safety, confident of the results:
    Polti products are approved by the HIGHEST quality certification organisations and meet the strictest standards. And all models have additional safety features. The best-known of these is the safety cap – an exclusive Polti patent – which cannot be unscrewed if there is even the minimal steam pressure in the boiler.
  • A long-term investment:
    The boiler made of special Extra ALP aluminium alloy or stainless steel prevents lime scale from attacking the boiler walls. No problem with deposits on the iron as only steam flows through it, not water. This means the holes in the plate cannot get blocked up.
  • Even, constant steam:
    Vaporella irons have the Activa plate with a special groove for an even flow of steam at a constant temperature. Result: correct heat distribution, no condensation, no water dripping onto fabrics.

Much more...

Maximum steam for jeans, medium for cotton and linen and minimum for silk: thanks to the steam regulation you can apply the right quantity of steam to each fabric.

The models in the Forever line are characterised by an automatic topping up system. You can top up the water in the tank at any time, so that there is always just the right amount of water in the boiler. No more waiting, and truly unlimited autonomy.

No lime scale: Polti makes Vaporella boilers out of a special material that prevents lime scale from attacking metal. And to prevent lime scale formation, Polti offers Kalstop FP2003 for naturally fighting lime scale build-up, prolonging the appliance’s life, making sure that the steam it produces is drier and saving energy.