Coffee Machine & Consumables

The aroma of freshly ground coffee, an intense aroma and flavour that remains unaltered over time.
AromaPolti offers a selection of precious blends to satisfy your desire for coffee at any time of the day. AromaPolti coffee is 100% coffee, containing no gluten or sugar. Real espresso coffee in a capsule.
In addition to the classic blends, the Gourmet line is now available, featuring a selection of precious single origin coffee from different parts of the world.

Polti's Technology and Patent

@Espresso Crema employs the exclusive patented system “Crema Express” (Patent 0001354226 - 27.10.04) forcing the water to stay in the capsule for a few seconds, thoroughly impregnating the coffee.

This ensures a natural pre-infusion which, together with an adequate pressure and a micro-injection of air while coffee is being dispensed, further enhance fragrance and guarantee an espresso rich of cream (“Crema Express”).

The Benefits of the Capsules

  • Constant flavour Capsules offer the benefit of having a perfect blend available pre-packaged and unchanged by time. AromaPolti capsules are preserved in a fragrance-saving package to keep the aroma and flavour of the coffee, as if the coffee had just been roasted and ground.
  • No waste AromaPolti capsules contain 7 g coffee: exactly the right amount and the right grind for a perfect cup of espresso. And capsules are clean, as no coffee can be spilled on the kitchen counter.
  • A practical, clean system Capsules are extremely hygienic. After making coffee, the capsule is automatically expelled into the convenient capsule collection tray without spilling any messy coffee grounds.
  • Just like a real italian Espresso! Polti capsule coffee making technology makes it easy to prepare your favourite beverage. Ready in seconds, just the right amount, at just the right temperature!

Instant Drinks

A vast selection of hot drinks for all the family.

  • MyTime line: from barley coffee, a drink that warms without stimulating, to Ginseng for starting the day with a boost of energy. Or a milky drink, a classic caffe latte or an American coffee for a relaxing break in your day.
  • MyRelax line: includes three different types of teas and a camomile infusion.
  • Myself line: five kinds of herbal tea for different times of day. After meals, to aid the digestion. Before going to bed, to help you sleep, but also during the day, for a relaxing break.

Èspresso®1882 System

This is for espresso lovers: people who prefer this intense, typically Italian way of enjoying coffee.

Polti’s new ÈSPRESSO®1882 coffeemaker is designed to enhance the coffee’s aroma, releasing its power to delight the palate.

Exclusive technology meets Italian design and convenience!

The machine's clean, simple, compact lines invite its owner to find a special spot for it in the kitchen.

It works only with a customised system designed exclusively for Èspresso®1882 capsules.

The Capsule

The Èspresso®1882 capsules enclose all the tradition of true Italian espresso, making a cup of coffee one of today’s essential rituals, in an ecologically friendly way.

Èspresso®1882 capsules are biodegradable but not compostable; they should be treated as non-recyclable waste.