Commercial Cleaning

Less time, less expense and more efficiency. Polti professional appliances: the only specialising in professional steam cleaning.

Created by the leader in steam technology, Mondial Vap models offer unparalleled functional versatility: steam only, vacuum only, steam and vacuum together, with or without detergents, hot or cold washing function.

All models come with the auto-refill feature for an unlimited operating autonomy.

Professional Cleaning

Steam is an ideal resource for cleaning and hygiene. It acts as a natural surfactant, dissolving grease and getting everywhere, into even the hardest to reach corners.

The steam in Polti's Mondial Vap appliances is the fruit of thirty years of research and know-how. It is high temperature steam (150C) under pressure (5 to 7 bars) to offer unrivalled sanitising power.

Mondial Vap appliances deliver dry steam which, with no minerals or electrical conductivity, neutralises the static charge of dust particles. Heat allows steam to detach and dissolve dirt, freeing and capturing all dirt particles with its passage: grease, germs, bacteria and dust ites, guaranteeing an extraordinary, safe and quick hygienic action.

High temperatures effectively eliminate funguses and bacterial cultures as well.

Mondial Vap appliances not only generate powerful steam with continuous topping up for unlimited operation, but powerfully suction up dust and liquids. Suction helps collect dirt while ensuring that surfaces dry faster.

Advantages of use

  • Excellent results: effectiveness and speed even in cleaning tasks that are normally long and difficult when performed using conventional methods.
  • Time-saving: clean in half the time
  • Elimination of biofilm: use of steam prevents build-ups on floors and surfaces.
  • Economy and ecology: as well as drastically cutting water consumption, steam cleans right away with its power alone, with no need for chemical cleaning products that produce harmful vapours.
  • Sedimentation of dust and germs: in a simple physical process, spraying steam causes dust and germs in the air to fall rapidly, helping improve air quality.

Use of Steam

  • Healthcare: hospitals, clinics, rest homes, nursing houses and ambulances are sectors in which the search for solutions for preventing risks linked with hygiene are a primary goal.
  • Transportation: a powerful jet of steam removes grease from glass and deep cleans seats, aisles, carpets, mechanical parts and more. The dimensions of the Mondial Vap 6000 allow it to pass easily along the central aisle of a bus.
  • Community services: One of the most common problems in public places is the removal of chewing-gum from carpets, sofas, etc. Steam and HP007 break down chewing-gum so that it can be simply vacuumed up!
  • Hotels Bathroom fixtures, floors, walls, mattresses and carpets can be cleaned quickly, thoroughly and ecologically, guaranteeing perfect hygiene.
  • Food industry: Mondial Vap appliances offer the food and restaurant industry an effective cleaning and disinfection method guaranteeing hygiene in rooms, materials and equipment used in food preparation.

Test of efficiency and publications

  • Chem Service, July 2007 The laboratory tests conducted by the Chem Service laboratory with the Mondial Vap 7000lnox demonstrated great efficiency (above the requirement of the standards) removing bacteria and fungi tested on stainless steel surfaces and porcelain stoneware soiled with 1% milk fat powdered requirements of the HACCP control plan.
  • Scientific Institute of Breda S.p.A., October 2005 The study was conducted to determine the bacteriacidal efficiency of steam treatment, followed by suctioning, on three different surfaces in contact with foods (steel, Teflon and porcelain stoneware) with Polti Mondial Vap appliances, simulating real operating conditions by Only 5 seconds of exposure to Polti steam followed by vacuum cleaning radically destroyed the bacterial loads and reduced them to zero!