Vacuum Cleaning

The first vacuum cleaner to look after your health.

Friend of the environment and enemy of dust, Lecologico has revolutionised the art of vacuum cleaning.

Inside this cleaner there’s a marvellous idea: the EcoActive-Filter, a special water filter that does away with paper dust bags and captures the dust, dust mites and pollens, without dispersion of any kind.

Lecologico employs the natural purifying force of water to capture and retain dust. The special water whirlwind generated by the EcoActive-Filter blows and traps the inlet air, capturing dirt and avoiding it spreading back into the environment again.

In addition to suctioning up liquids, the Lecologico offers constant power, avoiding useless, excessive wasting of energy.

Water-based Filter Vacuuming

Unlike many traditional vacuum cleaners which scatter part of the dust they have collected in the environment because of their out-dated filtering systems, the combined action of water filter and EPA filter retains 99.99% of impurities. It is the water that captures the dust: the extraordinary Eco-Active Filter generates a special vortex of water that pushes the dust towards the bottom of the tank and keeps it inside, without dispersion of any kind.

Another problem with conventional vacuum cleaners is that they inevitably release dust when you change the bag or empty the dirt collection container. The water filter does away with this problem once and for all, for when you have finished working, you simply throw away the water and the dirt and dust goes too, without getting into the air.

The water filter allows Lecologico to suction up liquids and even small fragments of glass.

In conventional vacuum cleaners, suction power decreases as the bag or collection container fills with dust. With the Lecologico’s water filter this does not happen: the appliance suctions constantly at maximum power, so that it doesn’t waste energy unnecessarily.

Cleaner Air and Certified Filtering

In addition to passing through the water filter, the suctioned air then passes through five filters, the last of which is the washable EPA filter. This filter, used in professional applications requiring maximum hygiene, retains even the tiniest impurities, such as pollens and dust mites.

The air that is expelled from the vacuum cleaner isn’t just cleaner because it is completely free from dust, but is also healthier because it’s perfectly purified. “British Allergy Foundation” awarded Lecologico with its “Seal of Approval” for the effectiveness of the product in eliminating dust mites.

An Extraordinary Set of Accessories

  • Lecologico is perfect for cleaning all surfaces, even the most delicate, with its special set of accessories for wooden floors.
  • Mini turbo brush, for removing pet hair and dust from upholstery, sofas and car interiors.
  • BIOECOLOGICO is an ecological anti-foaming product containing natural substances. Specifically designed to be used in the water filter and thanks to its formulation, which also contains Tea Tree Oil and L(+) lactic acid , Bioecologico prevents bad smells, releasing a fresh, clean perfume into the environment.
  • The back-saving articulated joint Flexo, exclusively patented by Polti, allows you to reach the most difficult areas without having to bend down.
  • Exclusive hose with an adjustable joint to reach even the highest shelves on cabinets without difficulty.
  • Vast set of accessories to make the Lecologico a versatile machine capable of all cleaning tasks.