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Pro90 Turbo

Polti Vaporetto Pro 95 Turbo Flexi

Vaporetto Pro90_Turbo is equipped with an eco function set from switch-on to limit consumption, saving up to 25% energy* and up to 30% water. With its unlimited operating time and turbo steam function, it’s particularly suitable for deep cleaning (barbeques, car seats and wheel rims, engines, gaps between tiles) in addition to daily cleaning. It is suitable for all surfaces and the accessories are always at hand thanks to the practical on-board storage compartment.

  • Steam generator with unlimited working autonomy
  • Eco Function* set from switch-on to limit consumption
  • Turbo Steam Function
  • Accessories compartment
  • Accessories made in Italy
  • Connectable with steam mop, accessory iron and steam disinfector
  • CONTINUOUS REFILL – The continuous refill system ensure an unlimited working autonomy.
  • TURBO STEAM FUNCTION - Enabling this function the steam delivered is even more powerful and able to eliminate even the most stubborn dirt.
  • ECO FUNCTION SET FROM SWITCH-ON TO LIMIT CONSUMPTION – It is designed to limit energy and water consumption, ensures the best results with energy savings during use.
  • STEAM ADJUSTMENT – Allows you to adjust the quantity of steam delivered in relation to the surface to be cleaned.
  • FAST HEATING ALUMINIUM BOILER – The aluminium boiler distributes the heat evenly, in order to heat up water in a few minutes and aid the rapid formation of steam.
  • MADE IN ITALY ACCESSORIES – All the made in Italy quality even in the accessories.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH STEAM MOP, ACCESSORY IRON AND STEAM DISINFECTOR – Increase the functionality of Vaporetto by connecting the optional accessories.
  • ACCESSORIES AT HAND – accessories always at hand thanks to the convenient on-board compartment.
  • CHILD-SAFETY LOCK - if activated, the safety lock, on the handle, prevents accidental dispensing of steam, making Vaporetto safer in the presence of children.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT SYSTEM - The handle facilitates the maneuverability of the product which can be moved and lifted easily.

In this situation of global health alert, we want to draw your attention to the method of steam cleanliness and disinfection of Polti as valid and proven integrative solution to kill and eliminate viruses - including Coronaviruses – from surfaces and fabrics and thus help to reduce the risk of getting infections.

Steam is an extraordinary natural element that has numerous advantages of use. Its effectiveness has been proven by Polti with tests conducted by independent laboratories both in Italy and abroad: steam kills and eliminates up to 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria. 

Suitable for any washable surface, it reaches everywhere even in hard-to-reach spaces and respects the environment because no chemical disinfectants are needed.

A range of steam cleaners effective in eliminating microrganisms: Polti steam kills and eliminates up to 99,99% of viruses, germs and bacteria. To meet the different cleaning needs and habits, Polti offers: Polti Vaporetto (steam mops, handheld steam cleaners, cylinder steam cleaners, steam cleaners with suction function with water filter), Polti Unico (cleaners with combined steam function and multicyclonic vacuuming) and Polti Moppy (the innovative cordless steam mop).

  1. Tests carried out by independent laboratories on the most widespread microrganisms confirm that Polti steam cleaners kill and eliminate up to 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria.
  2. Based on scientific experiments and data, POLTI steam is effective in killing and eliminating up to 99.99% of viruses (including coronaviruses) from surfaces.

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