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Forever 1905 Eco Program

Polti Vaporella Forever 1905 ECO Program

  • Professional aluminium soleplate "ACTIVA"
  • 4 pre-set programs that automatically regulate the correct pressure of steam and iron temperature according to the fabric
  • High-efficiency Extra Alp aluminium boiler
  • Max pressure 5,5 bar
  • Water tank with transparent lid: 1,2 l
  • Tilted iron mat with soft non-slip silicone inserts
Iron typeProfessional with cork handle 
Soleplate material Aluminium
System Continuous refill 
Max pressure 5,5 bar 
Steam output Up to 150 g/min 
Steam adjustment On 5 levels 
Continuous steam output device Yes 
Boiler material Special Extra AIP aluminium alloy 
Boiler volume 0,5 l 
Use capacity Unlimited 
Water tank capacity 0,5 l 
Steam ready indicator Yes 
Low water level indicator Yes 
Iron power 750W 
Boiler power 1200W 
Max power 2050W 
Dimensions (WxDxH) 25,5 x 35 x 30,5cm
Weight 4,5kg 
Eco Function
It automatically sets the steam pressure and the iron temperature to produce perfectly ironed clothes, whilst reducing energy consumption. In Linen mode, the energy consumption is 40% greater than in the Eco Function.
Electronic steam regulation according to the fabric
4 pre-set programs: Synthetic/Silk, Wool, Cotton and Linen that automatically select the correct combination of steam pressure and iron according to the fabric.
Continuous refill
Continuous refill system for unlimited ironing time.
Transport handle
The solid carrying handle allows effortlessly moving Vaporella in complete safety.
Auto shut-off
Vaporella Forever 1400 allows saving energy because it automatically shuts off when not in use.
Automatic cable winder
Once the work has been completed, the automatic cord winder will make Vaporella power cord disappear in an instant.
No-Calc System
No-calc System makes cleaning the boiler quick and easy.