Eco Pro 3000

  • Safety cap
  • Parking system
  • This model can be connected to Steam Disinfector
System  Pressurized boiler
Max pressure  4 bar 
Pressure switch Yes
Pressure gauge Yes
Steam output  Up to 110 g/min 
Boiler material  Stainless steel 
Boiler volume  2,9 l 
Use capacity  2 l
Steam adjustment  Continuous
Steam ready indicator  Yes 
Low water level indicator  Yes, acoustic
Vacuum function No
Parking system Si
Boiler power  2000W 
Max power  2000W 
Dimensions (WxDxH)  32 x 32 x 34 cm 
Weight  4,9kg 
Safety cap
Technology for safety. Vaporella's cap, Polti patent, cannot be opened until there is even a minimum pressure in the boiler.
This model can be connected to Steam Disinfector
It is possible to connect Steam Disinfector accessory for sanitising surfaces and fabrics and reducing the bacterial, fungal and viral load.