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Polti HP007 Stain Remover Formula

  • HP007 STAIN REMOVER FORMULA attacks stains aggressively without leaving a halo, because it not only dislodges dirt, it breaks it down at the molecular level. You can even use HP007 STAIN REMOVER FORMULA on coloured garments as it acts directly on the residual grease in the stain, without any risk of removing colour from the fabric. But we do recommend you test colourfastness on a hidden corner anyway;
  • HP007 STAIN REMOVER FORMULA effectively dislodges stains caused by: chewing-gum, grass, lipstick, felt pen, ink, chocolate, tomato, vegetable oil, wine, coffee, engine oil, baby spit-up, blush/foundation, mud, sweat, blood, beverages, liquor, shoe polish, jam, honey, tea, eggs;
  • HP007 STAIN REMOVER FORMULA may be used : as a stain remover to get spots out of fabrics, carpets, rugs and sofas. As a laundry pre-treatment, applying it to places such as wrists and collars before putting clothes in the washing machine;
  • HP007 STAIN REMOVER FORMULA is even more effective used in combination with steam, with an appliance such as Vaporetto or Vaporetto Lecoaspira, when removing stains from carpets, rugs, sofas, etc ;
Manufacturer: Polti S.p.a.
Via Ferloni, 83 – 22070 Bulgarograsso (CO)
Tel +39 031-939111 Fax +39 031-890513
Brand: HP007 – Stain Remover Formula
Product: Stain Remover
Contains <5% non-ionic surfactants
Other ingredients: Water, Sodium metasilicate, Sodium carbonate, Ethoxylated alcohol (Reg. CE 648/2004).
Does not contain phosphorous or phosphorous compounds.